Kemetic App End User License Agreement (EULA) and Subscription Information:

Welcome to Kemetic App, your portal to ancient wisdom through modern technology. Before you subscribe, please review the benefits each subscription tier offers, ensuring you make the best choice for your educational journey.

Before you embark on this journey of discovery through our educational courses, we invite you to carefully review our subscription terms, which are designed to enhance your learning experience.

Subscription Tiers:

  • Monthly Membership (€5): Unlocks full access to all current courses for one month.
  • Yearly Membership (€33): Offers full access for a year, with a cost-effective pricing plan.
  • Lifetime Access (€299): Provides unlimited access to all courses, including future updates and additions.

What’s Included:

  • Each subscription grants you access to a wealth of educational content designed to enlighten and inspire.
  • Continuous updates and new courses throughout the subscription period.

Requirements and Policies:

  • By subscribing, you agree to our terms, outlined in detail in our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.
  • For a comprehensive understanding of your rights and obligations, please review our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

Changes and Updates:

  • Kemetic App reserves the right to update subscription fees and terms with prior notification to our subscribers.

Governing Law:

  • This agreement and any disputes arising under it will be governed by Netherlands, Rotterdam.

By proceeding with your subscription, you acknowledge and agree to these terms, ensuring a beneficial partnership in pursuit of knowledge and enlightenment.

  • Monthly Membership (€5): Enjoy full access to our comprehensive educational courses for a month.
  • Yearly Membership (€33): Extend your learning with uninterrupted access for an entire year at a favorable rate.
  • Lifetime Access (€299): Make a one-time payment for unlimited, lifetime access to all current and future courses.

What You’ll Get:

  • Immediate access to all courses upon subscription.
  • Continuous updates and new course additions.
  • Insightful learning experiences designed to unlock your potential.

Important Links:

  • Privacy Policy: Click here – Understand how we protect and use your data.
  • Terms of Use (EULA): Click here – Familiarise yourself with the legal agreements that govern your use of the Kemetic App.

By subscribing, you agree to these terms and commit to furthering your knowledge through the rich, educational content we provide. We’re excited to have you on this journey of discovery and enlightenment.

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