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The Enigmatic World of Eclipses

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About Course

Course Overview: This course offers an in-depth exploration into the celestial mechanics and mathematical models fundamental to predicting eclipses. It bridges historical astronomical theories with modern computational methods, providing learners with a comprehensive understanding of how eclipses have been predicted through the ages and how current technology allows for unprecedented precision.

Course Objectives:

  • Understand the basic principles of celestial mechanics involved in eclipse prediction
  • Explore Kepler’s Laws of Planetary Motion and their application to celestial orbits
  • Delve into Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation and its role in modeling celestial movements
  • Discover the significance of the Saros cycle in eclipse prediction
  • Learn to use ephemerides for calculating celestial positions
  • Apply mathematical models and computational methods to predict future eclipses
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What Will You Learn?

  • What is an Eclipse? (Watch the Livestream - Solar and Lunar Eclipses)
  • The History of Eclipse Observation
  • The Science of Prediction
  • Famous Eclipses and Predictions
  • Viewing Solar Eclipses Safely
  • Planning Your Eclipse Experience
  • Eclipses in Culture and Society
  • Scientific Discoveries Prompted by Eclipses
  • Large events that happened after an Eclypse
  • Upcoming Eclipses
  • Eclipse Chasing
  • The Mathematics Behind Eclipse Prediction
  • DIY Eclipse Prediction
  • DIY Eclipse Glasses

Course Content

Introduction to Eclipses

Predicting Eclipses

Preparing for an Eclipse

The Impact of Eclipses

Future Eclipses and How to Experience Them

Creating an Eclipse Prediction Model

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