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Collective consciousness
Egregores: The Power of Collective Consciousness
Wowww!!!! I didn’t even know we are a part of a group consciousness and it all make sense now. I wish everyone would embrace this precious knowledge, life changing. I recommend this course matter of facts I think everyone should take this course your brains have way more power than you think
Spinal flow
Introduction to Spinal Flow Course
this course explained why spinal flow is useful. I hope they will have a course on How to use spinal flow technique on others.
Kemetic.app - A visual representation of entering the astral realm for conscious out-of-body experiences (OBEs). The image is divided into two sections
Introduction to Astral Travel Course
Maybe we should not use LED for the light therapie as LED is digital light and sends his own distorted freqenzy.but use halogen or oldschool fullspertum bulbs.
Jr Koolman
Reiki treatment kemetic.app
Reiki Course
So in lightning
Shelly Louis
Introduction to Astral Travel Course
Good course !
Lloyd Russell
Kemetic.app - A visual depiction of clairvoyance associated with an activated Third Eye, featuring a Black individual.
Clairsentience Course
Eye opener
Shelly Louis
antartica and the landbeyond the ice wall
Antartica and The Land Beyond the Ice Wall Course
It was great and intriguing.
Common Parasites in Humans
Understanding and Managing Parasitic Infections
Exactly what the people need in todays times.
Genetic factors influencing longevity
Unlocking Longevity: Science, History, and Philosophy
Great course! Though the answer is clear: Reserving the pursuit of immortality for a select few is the solution to maintaining the many concerns and preserving the quality of life in society and beyond. There are simply not enough that could truly accept what it would mean to be immortal and as such, it for many more reasons should not be available for everyone.
Understanding and Activating Your Merkabah: A Journey into Spiritual Ascension
I never expected it too really work but it actually do! Love the joy after the Merkabah activition

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